6,200 people attended President Donald Trump's Rally in Oklahoma.

Disappointment of Donald Trump
6,200  people attended President Donald Trump rally as campaign tries to blame 'radical' protester and media for low crowd.

As the American president , Donald Trump fixed a rally in Tulsa Oklahoma without minding the ongoing covid19 pandemic, which made him look selfish while trying to maintain his normal way of campaigning.

Although it was made known by Tulsa fire department that  the campaign seems to be so disputing as it looks for a way to blame 'radical'protesters and the media for it's smaller than expected population.

President Donald Trump and his colleagues were so disappointed with the number of people who attended the rally that very day as they have already boasted that over 1 million people have already registered to attend the rally, but unfortunately for them the crowd they expected didn't appear ,leaving them witha very great disappointment.

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And they continued blaming the 'radical' protesters for being responsible for there disappointment by saying that they prevented the attendees from having access in attending the president's rally in so many way and by blocking the metal detectors so allegedly in order to frightening  the attendees, but some journalists that are hanging around the avenue said that the did not see much blockage by the protesters that can prevent some people from attending the rally.

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" For the safety of the attendees,the public and event staff,the local police temporarily closed the gate at the entrance point.As soon as the local law enforcement agency we able to provide a clear path by reopening the entrance, the attendees were then permitted to enter .For information on any arrests, contact the city of Tulsa police department".A statement said after some group of guys attempted to block an entrance to the site in Tulsa.

But the main issue here is that the number of supporters that attended the rally was much less than the predicted number of attendees.

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