An insider in Washington to head back to prison.

A Washington insider
Jack Ambramoff is a Washington insider who is charging with conspiracy to commit wire fraud which is in the order hand a case that is related to cryptocurrency and lobbying disclosure.

"Ambramoff has accepted his mistakes and had also agreed to plead guilty  by spending five years of his life in prison".said Us Attorney David Anderson  in a news conference in San Francisco.

On tuesday  prosecutor reviewed some illegal and unlawful acts  committed by Ambramoff which should be a very good reason to send him back to prison after he has entered into a plea deal with the federal prosecutor Francisco.

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Ambramoff has been also sued by the security and exchange commission the an illegal sales of unregistered token named AML Bitcoin include the conducting of fraudulent .

Ambramoff have had a similarly case that led him to prison where he served for 43 months  in early 2000s  for his role at the center of the lobbying scandal which also made some officials in from the George W.Bush white house to be found guilty.

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