Anambra billionaire: Chief Pius Nweke Regained Freedom.

(CEO) Anambra aluminum company
Chief Pius Nweke who is the Chief executive officer (CEO) of Aluminum manufacturing company in onitcha regains freedom after been arrested for illegal possession of fire arms.

The arrest was made on June 5 2020 at awada onitsha in Anambra state by the inspector general of police special tactical section (STS).
Mr John Abang ( the commissioner of police) was also there to witness the arrest of Chief Pius.

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A report said that the policemen searched the Lexus Jeep and the occupants  and found the Beretta pistol containing 10 round of Ammunition in it and then he was taken in the police custody in that area.as confirmed by Mr John Abang (the commissioner of police).

An unproven fact has been given that Mr Nweke's arrest was in connection with a certain land problem between his community and some two other neighboring villages and that he was about to take a reaction on the demolition of the perimeter fence of his Aluminum company  belonging to him and his brother by some thugs sent by the neighborhood community.

Some reports said the the thugs came some policemen to thethe scene of the demolition as to guide them destroy the property.

But previously, after the missing of chief  Pius Nweka, his family members , vigillant groups has been searching around the conners of the state looking for him and  that was when they got an information that he was arrested by the police for possession of unnecessary gun.

After the police have finished asking him questions, they were not still satisfied with his answers,then they had to transfer him to Abuja for further interrogation and that was where he made it clear to them that the gun was found with him was officially approved by the presidency and IGP years ago .

And after some investigations, it was found to be true and then he was released.

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