Donald Trump is about to hold an indoor rally in Oklahoma next week.

Donald Trump's rally
Despite the ongiong pandemic, the president of America, Donald Trump wants to hold a political rally in an indoor arena in Oklahoma next week.

The president asked the supporters to sign coronavirus waiver ahead the rally,the president is so desperate in maintaining his most loved way of campaigning, that is showing up in front of the adoring  crowd which is about to be held in Tulsa, next week Friday in the 19,000- seat BOK center without minding the ongoing covid19 pandemic.

Oklahoma is a business center that is about to be reopened,and the supporters are aware that the covid19 pandemic is not yet over and that exposure to public places can be too risky ,and because of this the waiver has acknowledged the risk involved in exposure to covid19 and in a place where people are present and then decided not to hold Trump's campaign.

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However , the rally that is to be held on nineteenth June has proved controversial because of the avenue and the date and because of the massacre that took place in tulsa in the year  1922 which took the lives of over 300 blacks and also caused them to loose there buildings.

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