No Law Against Buhari Holding Meeting in Aso Rock..APC NEC

Muhammadu Buhari
The has made it clear that there is no Law that was made against Buhari holding meeting in Aso Rock during this period of the coronavirus since he lives in the villa.

Buhari has treated the sanctity of the state house wrongly by taking the partisan political meeting to the seat of power and there is no observance of the guidelines that was put in place by the presidential task force(ptf) in the gathering.

And because of this, the senior special assistance to the president on social media and publicity,Mallam Garba in his statement noted that it is very necessary for them to be putting down some records in their correct perspectives concerning the recent meeting held by the Nation Executive Committee of the All Progressive Congress APC which has brought about criticism due to lack of understanding  and arrangements.

Mallam Garba said this in the presence of the some party leaders including the governors that was elected on APC platform.

And this Critical ideas that was given by the members of the house who gives opinion concerning the  good and bad quality of the administration is that the Mr President held a political a meeting in the respected place of the federal executive council as if there is a law that prohibits him from holding meetings in the Aso Rock villa.

But it has been made clear that since he lives in the villa,he can hold meeting in any part of the villa and no one has the right to choose a place where he can hold his meetings for him.

This meeting was made virtual in order to maintain social distance and with the views of how small the chamber is, the president was billed to address the meeting from any of his offices by the is of video calls or any of his offices digital facilities are available.

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