Osibanjo: National debate Should be Necessitate for Nigeria Unsustainable Governance

Vice president of Nigeria speech
The Nigeria vice president professor Yemi Osibanjo has made it clear to Nigerians that it is very necessary to be holding a national debate for Nigeria unsustainable Democratic governance.

While answering questions by the formal governor of central bank and the immediate Emir of Kano Muhammad Sanusi, during a webiner organized by the Emmanuel Chapel,Themed,''Economic stability beyond Covid19' He also said that reducing the expenses in the Nigeria government is really something that needs to be done ,but the issue is that it can not be done by a single individual in the country.

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The pattern of governance established in the country which was reviewed by the Emir of Kano on Friday last week had set it up for bankruptcy, and he also plead with the vice president, Yemi Obasanjo,to know what that be possibly done by the present administrating government to amend the situation that have reoccurring in the country.

He also made reference to the Atlanta city in the United States,saying that the city is not the richest city in United States even though they have a cross domestic product that higher in value than that of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Muhammad sanusi also made suggestions on how to reduce the cost of governance in the country by saying that it will be nice if the legislators will be turned to part- time lawmakers and also adopt a unicameral legislation instead of bicameral legislation system of  government in the country and also in some other areas that need to be amended.

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