Police Arrested 50 Year-old Man who Raped 13 Year-old Daughter

Rape cases
In osun state, a 50 Year-old Man was caught raping his daughter of 13 year- old and was paraded by the police command of the state.

The rapist,Mr Adeyeye, while being interrogated by some journalists made it clear that he did that under the influence of alcohol,but according to his daughter  who is the victim said that his father has raped her for two times and this one she couldn't bear and that was why she had to report him.

The commissioner of Police who is handling the case has sworn that everyone found in this immoral act must surely face the consequences in the law Court because, the rape cases in that area are really alarming, every new day must come with a new report of rape case which is so bad and  has been affecting the female ones in that area of the state.

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When the journalist heard the girls reports, they went to know what  the father can say about it, and the father said" she is my daughter from my other wife that left me and I have had sex with her for two times under the influence of alcohol ,but the day I was arrested,i did not have sex with her, it's just that i sent her on an errand which she did not go, so I punished her and then she went and started telling her friends that I have been raping her".

He also said that his wife has warned him to be avoiding anything that bring her daughter close to him.... which means that the wife knew about this and decided to cover her husband's sins.

There have been so many arrests of some rapists that also raped little girls just like Mr Adeyeye and the police command have decided to be proceeding such cases to court where the rapists will face the wrath of the law instead of accepting some settlements and has also urged the parents of the victims to start proceeding such cases to court instead of withdrawing them because of some persuasion of the community leaders.

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