President Muhammadu Buhari had a Closed Door Meeting with the Sanate President of Nigeria

Senate president of Nigeria
The Senate president of Nigeria, Ahmad lawman had a Closed Door Meeting with president Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday, and the purpose of the meeting is based on the security instability in the country and the low performance of the service Chief and also with some other alarming and critical situations that have been causing havoc in the country.

"You know that the country has been facing so many problems of security instability for some times now,and that is why I had the meeting with the president so that I can be able to let him know some of the things we the senators discussed in the Senate meetings and discussions, which are mainly concerned on the security instability in the country and also let him know what we have decided to do about it". The Senate president said to the journalists after the meeting.

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We have hope that the National Assembly has made some budget and also had made proposal on figuring out some fundamental security equipments that the security agencies need in order to be capable of fighting terrorists that have been terrorising the whole country, such as The Boko Haram, The Fulani Herdsmen that have been disturbing the North East, and also equip them to protect the country from external forces and also provide some recruiting equipments for some security agencies.The senate president added .

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He also made reference to the Section 14,sub-section 2b of the Constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria which said that the government shall be to provide security and welfare of the people and for this reason there should not be much debate on raising funds in order to equip the security agencies in the country especially  for those in the northern state, "if the truth can be told, that the security situation in the country especially  that of the northern part of the country needs to be given attention and also needs to be given much more attention in order to reduce the security problems in the country".

The Senate president, according to his speech was so concerned on protecting the precious lives of Nigerians and which made to suggest that the non-performing service Chief should be sacked if he can't stood up and become active.

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