President Muhammadu Buhari's speech on the democracy day

President muhammadu buhari of Nigeria said that he has given order to review the number of government agencies and parastatals that are present in the county as he want to reduce the number of agencies and parastatals in the country.

The president  said that the new democracy day in Nigeria is june 12 and this should be made clear in the country.

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He also made it clear that the reason why he authorized the FPR to review the number of parastals and agencies in Nigeria on one white paper on the Rationalization of government parastatals and agencies is because of the resources that have been reducing and also increase in the cost of governgovernance

The president also emphasize on some other issues such as the issue of the Nigeria rise in 25 places on the world bank ease of doing business ranking as they have moved from 146 to 131 position.

He also said something concerning the power sector,the president is hoping that the agreement of the country with the German company Siemens will transfer and distribute 11,000 megawatt by 2023 including some other expansion and transmission projects that will be executed across the country.

He was also concerned with giving Nigeria a standard educational background and that he will also ensures free education for the first nine years in school."Nigeria is also fit to fight against insurgency,banditry and some other forms of illegal acts".Said President Muhammadu Buhari.

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