Robert Fuller: The Death Of Two African-American Will be Reviewed by The US

Robert Fuller
Robert Fuller and Malcolm Harsch are the two African-American who were found hanged up on the tree in different towns within two weeks of each other and the US federal autority have decided to review investigation into the death of the two African-American.

According to the officials, it was during the press conference that it appeared that Mr Robert Fuller has taken his life and his body was found hanging from a tree on June 10 in the town of Palmdale.

And Mr Malcolm Harsch was found hanging from a tree in a homeless environment at Victorville on 31 may and the officials has also suspected that the 37 years old man was seems to be suicidal,but the actual cause of the death has not been found.

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"We are really trying to get more answers to what happened,my brother was so kind to everybody not only to his family members but both to strangers".Mr  Malcolm Harsch sister Harmonie Harsch said on a TV interview.

But never the less ,so many agencies such as FBI,US attorney's office in the central district of California and the US department of Justice's civil rights division have promised to be monitoring the investigations concerning the deaths of the two African-American.

And almost 2,000 people have come together in Palmdale, seeking justice for the death of Robert Fuller who has been known as peace maker and lover of mankind.the death of this two African-American was a very big lost to the two families.

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