The Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Warns America

HHS Secretary
The health and human services warns America concerning the issue of coronavirus and the way they are handling the issue and cases of the virus in the country.

" Windows are closing" for the United States to get the coronavirus pandemic under control as the cases of the virus is increasing in numerals every day and presently, in some states are dealing with high record number of hospitalizations

The situation of things now is really getting out of hand, meaning that the present number of the virus cases in the country as recent is worse than the previous months and if care is not taking, America is likely to loose all possible opportunities of fighting the virus.

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Alex Azer( the HHS Secretary) on his views said the America is now equiped and more capable of fighting this virus than before and if only they can only put more effort and seriousness on handling the issue with the present equipments and preventive measures they are applying, the number of cases will start reducing instead of adding on daily basis.

But the president of America,Donald Trump is about moving on with the ongoing pandemic and without even minding the fact that thirty six states are giving results of increasing cases of the virus and only two are giving results of recovery.

But despite that the two states are giving declining results from the cases of the virus,the truth will always remain that the windows of America to put this situation under control is closing because,just on friday, we are getting 40,173 new case in the country and because of this some states including Texas and Azer have quit the idea of reopening and instead, impose more restrictions.

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