The image of America is breaking said by the Japan's top billionaire

Japan's top billionaire
The Japan's top billionaire Tadashi  Yanai said that the america image is breaking"The race relations crisis is changing how the world sees America"

The CEO of Uniqlo owner  fast retailing reported to the CNN in an interview concerning the breaking image of America" I truly hole that this will have a positive impact in the long term, just like the civil movement.

According to bloomberg ,Tadashi Yanai as the largest shereholder of the fast retailing and Asia's biggest cloth retailer has a net worth of $31.7 billion which made him the a top billionaire.

As protesters has been crying out to the world over the death of George Floyd,the company's operation in US city such as new York, Philadelphia San Francisco and Los Angeles has all been "hit hard".

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He also said that "There is need to be desired strongly in making productive civic actions when that is necessary because it is so bad to make them feel so ignored when they need your attention most just like the way the blacks are been ignored".

"And why we are in business, we ask  our selves why we exist ,what is essentials and non essentials.

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