Trump's Campaign Staffs , Quarantining After the Rally in Tulsa

Trump's Rally in Tulsa Oklahoma
After the Trump's political rally in Tulsa Oklahoma, so many of his campaign staffs are quarantining  for public exposure to covid19 and going against the covid19 terms and conditions.

They are doing this because most of the people they interacted with were tested positive  of the coronavirus. Some communicants and some other officials in Trump's campaign suggested that inorder to prevent more spreading of this virus the staffs should be quarantined.

But as it stands now, eight of the staffs have tested positive of the virus and many others have then decided to quarantine themselves this week instead of going into office, but among this ones that decided to quarantine themselves, two have similar symptoms related to the coronavirus symptoms.

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This situation doesn't affect the reopening of offices as some of the white house members who attended the rally in Tulsa are continuing there works but were all tested in the normal way of testing coronavirus victims.

The disappointment that came up in Trump's campaign ground in Tulsa, which was based in the number of expected attendees were mainly caused by this virus that has surrounded everywhere , people were in fear of being infected,as the virus has entered three new states that the cases are fast rising on daily basis.

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