A Historian in Russia Sentenced to Jail For Sexual Abuse.

Yuri Dmitriev
Yuri Dmitriev who is a historian of Stalin-era crimes in Russia was Sentenced to three and half year in prison for abusing his adopted daughter sexually.

His lawyer,Viktor Anufriev who was doing everything he could do to make sure that he did not end up in jail gave so many reasons why Yuri Dmitriev should be released later this year because of the years he has already served.

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Although, the decision of the court was not opened up to the public and including the full details of the Court but according to news, the state prosecutor had wanted the court to sentence him to fifteen years in prison but due to some certain reasons, they had to reduce the long time suggested by the prosecutors of the Court.

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The historian that was accused of sexually abusing of the his adopted daughter never accepted that he is guilty of the accusations levelled against him.

And his supporters said that the accusations were false informations invented in him, inorder to punish him for his works.

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