APC Must Take Back Edo State, Says Adams Oshiomhole

Adams   Oshiomhole
One of the All Progressive Congress party leaders has made a promise to their supporters that the party,(APC) will take back the office of the governor of Edo State.

Last Saturday night, the formal governor of Edo State,Comrade Adams Oshiomhole,on his way to Iyamho village from Benin City, the state capital, said that The All Progressive Party(APC) must have back Edo State for a good development of the state.

The formal governor said these to the group of supporters who were waiting for him at the Auchi Polytechnic gate, although he never wanted to come down from the vehicle but because of the huge amount of supporters who came out to wait for him at that place immediately they heard that he is going to arrive at the place very soon, he was then moved to address them.

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Oshiomhole gave the people so much encouraging words so that they can see more reasons to vote for the All Progressive Congress party in the forthcoming election,"I'm back and ready for the job",he said while addressing the crowd that have come out to meet him and also hear some certain words from him.

Oshiomhole on his speech to the people referred Obaseki as a snake who God has taken to the place he belongs and that for this reason, he will make sure that the administration of the All Progressive Congress party will take Edo State to very sustainable development which will be a very remarkable one in the history of Edo.

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"Edo State deserves a leader who can take them to their expectations and also bring them good live such as electricity, good roads, good water and some other good things of life".

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