Chief Judge of the Federal High Court Quarantining.

Justice John Tsoho
Justice John Tsoho, the chief judge of the federal high court of Nigeria has gone isolation after some of his colleagues has been confirmed as covid19 cases.

The chief justice,John Tsoho who has the knowledge of the virus has also told some of his workers who are working in the same office with him to also quarantine themselves for 14 days in order to prevent the spread of the virus in there working place,since they all know that the virus is a deadly air born disease which can spread from place to place and from one individual to another.

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"The federal high court considered the fact that the citizen's health and safety is more important than anything else, naturally and in the sphere of the justice delivery",Mrs Catherine Nwandu,the information Officer of the federal High Court said in a statement.

The law court is really obeying and following the instructions and guidelines given by the health professionals in order to prevent further spreading of the virus in the country and the chief judge,following the protocols has told his staffs to take proper care of themselves and as well follow appropriate measures to ensure that they don't get contaminated with the virus.

And also, the federal government is  making possible moves to see that they protect the country from this deadly disease as they have seek to collaborate with India in the production of the covid19 vaccine.

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