Edo Election: Up to 35 Political Parties in Edo State Support Obaseki

EDO 2020
Yesterday being 17 July 2020, 35 Political parties declared their support for Governor Godwin Obaseki on his re-election ahead of September 19 2020 Edo State Governorship election.

The parties have seen the needs for them to join with governor Goodwin Obaseki in the forthcoming election of Edo State which will bring a very big changes to the people of Edo.

Chairman Edo State APC Media Council John Mayaki, who said that the reason why this parties joined together with Goodwin Obaseki to make sure that he won the forthcoming election is so that they can get personal favours from him, if eventually he won the election,but the chairman of the collision of political parties said that their reasons for joining the governor is to avoid waisting of their time and energy because they know that governor Obaseki is a man of virtues and that the people of Edo State are willing to have him back in the office.

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The chairman of the collision of political parties,Hon Collins Oreruan said that they are also advising other Governorship aspirants  who haven't joined them to also consider joining them so that they can support Obaseki to continue his good works from where he stopped in his first tenure after the election in Edo State.

But Mayaki,the Chairman Edo State APC Media Council still went ahead to criticize them, saying that the parties have sold their integrities for some selfish reasons and personal advantages which are not even for the benefit of the people of Edo State and he also said that this is an act of greed and betrayal which is going to bring a very big barrier to the growth of Edo State 

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