Governor Umahi Listed Aides that Will be Relieved.

Ebonyi State Governor
In Abakaliki, during the swearing in of some government officials,the governor of Ebonyi State, Gov.Nweze Dave Umahi announced that some of the government workers who are functioning effectively in their offices will be vacated.

The governor noted that more than  1000 workers which include the officers and several Development Centres management committee members have been in office still,himself and the Deputy has been working as if they have none and for this reason,on Aug.1 he will relieve some government workers since what they care for is only their salaries.

And because of this, he has decided to vacated some Aides which includes the Technical Assistants (TAs), Senior Technical Assistants (STAs) and Executive Assistants (EAs).

But, the governor said that if any of the sacked workers later become willing to work and seek for his or her office again,he or she must have the the consent of the State Government’s ministry or department so that if he or she starts to misbehave again, the ministry or the department will be held responsible.

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And the governor later warned that the re-applications for the offices after some of the Aides have been relieved must not be for the people who haven't been working there before which means that the jobs are still secured for the vacated workers.

Governor Umahi in the view was only trying to make the Aides know that they are supposed to be doing the work they are been paid for and not to relax in the offices only to receive their salaries at every month end.So, affected Aides should not see the relieve as sack but the governor's own way of restoring focus in all government offices.

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