In 2023, Power Should Move to The South East Region Of The Country_ Balarabe Musa.

For the sake of peace, justice and national unity , the Governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Abulkadir Balarabe Musa( second republic gov.) has suggested that the people of the southeast region should be given power to rule the country after the 2023 Election.

The formal Governor, saying that the presidency should move to the southeast region, said it in a very clamouring way, in order to promote national unity and justice in the country.

Mr Issa Aremu,Labour leader and former governorship candidate of the Labour Party in Kwara State,reacting to the suggestion of Alhaji Abulkadir Balarabe Musa, said that the shifting of the presidency should be made according to the provision of the Constitution, since the Constitution has already provided how the president can be produced.

The Labor leader futher said that"the consideration of the place where the president of the country should be produced from is not supposed to be made by geographical location, religion bound,  gender bound, region limit or state limit", every qualified citizen  irrespective of his state, local government, religion and gender is entitled to contest for any office in the country or state since he or she is willing to contest.

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"Nigerians are not going to get the type of governance they need true turn by turn leadership, they only need a good leader irrespective of the region, someone who will be selfless in his leadership and also accountable in everything he does.We all know that the only problem Nigeria is passing through is bad government, and if our leaders can bring out their minds and strengths to serve, our country will become a great nation"Issa Aremu added.

Shetima Yerima, leader of Arewa Youth Consultative Forum,Nastura Ashir Shariff of Coalition of Northern Groups, CNG,and Nasir Dambatta, the group’s Director of Publicity also reacted to Balarabe' s suggestions, they said that the main area Nigerians should be focusing now is to have a new breed of leaders with fresh, up-to-date ideas and dynamic energy to inject into governance and not the region where presidency should be produced.

The leadership of Nigeria should be shifted to the youths with fresh blood and ideas of development.

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