Ondo Deputy Gov: I'm Not Desperate For Power but it is Constitutional For Me To Have It.

Ondo State deputy governor
After government Rotimi  Akeredolu of Ondo State was given 21- day ultimatum beforeh handing over the office to his deputy,Hon Agboola Ajahi, there have been a media backlash trailed the ultimatum given to the governor.

But the deputy governor has been accused of trying to take over the seat of the governor at all cost, and this has become a very difficult situation to the deputy governor and which has made him come out to defend himself by saying that "I'm not desperate for power but it is provision made by the Constitution that power should be transferred to the deputy, if the governor is incapacitated".

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And his social media adviser, Allen Sowore has also reacted to the media backlash, because people has been commenting so negetively concerning the this issue in the social media"it is his right to take over the office of the governor since the governor has been recommended incapacitated and after the 21-day ultimatum that is given to the governor and that deputy governor is backed by the Constitution to request for the office of the governor after 21 day" Allen Sowore said.

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But, some national newspapers headlines have made the statement looks as if the deputy governor, Agboola Ajahi had demanded that the governor should hand over the office to him after 21 days.

In order to make his statement more obvious,  the social media advser of the deputy governor also made reference to the provision of the 1999 Constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria which is related to this issue of automatic transfer of power to the deputy since the governor is temporarily incapacitated.

He has also urged the journalists to learn how to do their work perfectly in order to avoid blackmailing in the form of writing news.
And they should also know that all these laws were made by the law drafters and they are all constitutional and are not suppose to be broken by any one irrespective of his or her prestige or political position.

Sowore also said that the most important thing needed is a good governance for the good people of Ondo State and it is not all about  the leader.

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