Rebuilding Nigeria Will Be More Beneficial Than Biafra_Udeogaranya

Chief Charles Udeogaranya
"Ndigbo will be better without fights and struggles for Biafra".

Chief Charles Udeogaranya , an APC 2019 presidential aspirant also who is also a possible 2023 candidate of the All Progressive Congress Party has suggested to the Igbo, to better stop thinking about Biafra and focus in rebuilding Nigeria with the 2023 presidency.

The presidential aspirant said that the Igbos will be better with a rebuilt Nigeria than their request for Biafra, which they are not even sure if it will one day be a reality.

"And if only the Igbos can rethink on the issue, they will forever live to celebrate the decision they will make after their thinking" he said.

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Chief Charles Udeogaranya also said that if only Ndigbo can leave Biafra and focus on getting power in the 2023 presidential election, they will bring back all the lost dream of Nigeria and make them reality, they will also wipe away tears from the eyes of every Nigerians and make Nigeria a good and favourable place to stay.

Udeogaranya, in his own view said that, the scheduling of the ways through which Nigerians can run out of poverty and hardship is in the hands of Ndigbo, and the more the Igbos keep on delaying thier presidency, the more poverty and hardship in the country is been prolonged.

Both men and women in Igbo land should come together to ensure that twe gain power in the 2023 presidential election for us to have a better Nigeria.

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