Resignations in Nigeria Army, Rep. Investigates.

Nigeria house of Representatives
Their have been a mass resignation in the Nigeria Army for a long period of time, but as it stands now, the federal house of Representative is out to make some certain investigations concerning the issue.

The investigation that was based on the issue of the  365 soldiers who resigned without been asked to do so is a formal statement of an opinion agreed on by the committee in the house of Representatives.

The chief whip of the house,Mohammed Monguno said that this resolution was sequel to a unanimous adoption of a motion of Matters of Urgent Public Importance and he also made known that the Nigeria Army is one of the most armed forces in Nigeria and their duties is to save and protect the territorial integrity of the nation.

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The attitude of the chief of  army staff towards the killing of the innocent soldiers has been condemned by Mr Martin Idakpeni, a lance corporal in the Nigeria Army on 22 June 2020 on the social media.
The Nigeria Army has been facing so many forms of hardships while trying to conduct some certain operations in some war.

Monguno also reported that the Nigeria soldiers have been disobeying so many orders from commanders due low equipments and supports by their superiors and also also because of embezzlement of their allowances by their superiors.

He also said that so many soldiers have lost interest in their job due to lack of care both at the checking points and in the war fronts, "Not too long ago, the General Officer Commanding 7 Division of the Nigerian Army in Maimalari, Maj-Gen. Victor Ezegwu, escaped being lynched by rampaging soldiers for leaving them with neither food nor water while fighting in the North Eastern part of the country for two days".

The challenges Nigeria soldiers are facing really need to be Amended.

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