Restrictions In US-Canada Borders Should be extended

American borders
The US Government source with the knowledge of the situation of things in the country has suggested that the restriction in some US borders should be extended till August 21 which means that even if the cases of the virus in US is has started reducing, it should not be the reason why restrictions should not be stopped in a hesitancy.

The two sources who were speaking on this issue said that the restriction should be enforced and properly monitored by the government agencies that are responsible for that, and only essential travels should be allowed and apart from that, no other movement across the border should be allowed.

The Canadian Prime Minister,Justin Trudeau was expected to make this decision known by everyone, as the US-Canada Border restriction has been extended by a mutual agreement after they have considered the escalation of the virus nation wide .

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President Donald Trump and Trudeau had made considerations on the  the matter shotly during a phone call Monday morning, according to Trudeau's office. On Tuesday, the White House gave a readout of the call that did not mention an extension of the border closure.

As the decisions are expected to be announced to the people, The state department spokeperson from the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs reported that they have nothing to announce for now, since Canada and Mexico are still fighting partners to the virus and they hope that their partnership against the covid19 will bring a very good outcome to the country.

In this extended restrictions, some workers which include the truck drivers, the health workers,the fight crews and the sport professionals are not included.

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