Edo Election: INEC Selects 20,000 ad-hoc Staff.

Based on the forthcoming Gubernatorial Election in Edo State, the Independent National Electoral  Commission has decided to select not less than 20,000 ad-hoc Staff to ensure a free and fair Election.

The INEC with the aim of maintaining a good atmosphere during the election on September 19th, has come up with the idea to enable them achieve there aim and also, to produce the leader of people's choice.

According to the technical advisor to the INEC, Professor Bolade Eyinla, the idea is a very good idea and the recruitment of the 20,000 ad-hoc staff would be done through INEC’s portal which he said had been opened, and the serving corps in the area should considered in a large number during the selection of the ad-hoc Staff.

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He also gave reasons for selecting mostly the NYSC, National  Youth Service Corps which is because they will be deployed mostly as presiding officers, he also noted that the essence of the online recruitment is to create a data base about the workers that will work during the election in the state.

Bolade Eyinla also started that the protocols for the conduction of the election will be Reviewed to the selected security personnel after they are done with their recruitment processes.

The police and other security agencies around any of the areas where the elections will be held will also be present to assist the selected staffs in securing the votes.

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