Fans to Start Coming into The Stadium_ Germany Football Club.

Germany stadium
The top two football club in Germany have agreed to allow their fans into the stadium during the new season which will start on September 18 despite the covid19 pandemic.

But in regards to the ongoing pandemic,they have given some rules and guidelines which will ensure the safety of the fans .

This guidelines includes, allowing the fans to sit, tickets would be personalised so spectators could be traced, alcohol at matches would be banned until October and there will be no away fans until the end of the year, health workers will be provided to help ensure that any of the fans will be tested before he or she moves into the stadium.

This plans and guidelines however is to be examined and approved by German authorities and the ministry for health in the country in there next meeting on Monday.

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But, considering the number of coronavirus cases and deaths in Germany and the fear in the daily rise of the virus, the idea of allowing the fans to Start Coming into the stadium may not be approved and the Christian Seifert, chief executive of the Bundesliga has noted that in the situation of things the priority in Germany at the moment should not be full stadiums, but people’s health.

However, the issue has become a debating topic between the politicians and the people who have good knowledge about viruses (The virologists) Which means that it's not in the hands of the German Football Club (DFL) to decide if and when fans should be allowed into the stadium.

The Christian Seifert, chief executive of the Bundesliga has also told some fan groups who also criticised the plans, fearing long-term restrictions of their rights that the rate of the virus must be considered first and even if the plan will be approved, it has to be followed  in small steps, it will not be possible to go from zero to 100 with the looks of things.

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