Kano Fumigates 528 Schools for WAEC_ State Ministry for Health.

Kano State Ministry for Education
Due to the ongoing covid19 pandemic and for safety of students who are about to write their West African Examination Council (waec) this year, the state government of Kano has decided to Fumigate both private and public schools in the state.

And they have also fixed the date of the reopening to be on 10th August as disclosed by the Commissioner for Education, Muhammad Sa’id on Monday.

Creating a conducive environment for the students  and their teachers is also considered as the state Governor,Abdullahi Ganduje had ordered the ministry of environment to ensure that they make the environment safe for the students and their teachers.

The state Governor has also ordered the ministry of health to provide free hand sanitizers , face masks and other safety equipments that will also help the students to be safe from the coronavirus.

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The 199 public schools and the 328 private schools will be offered free covid19 test by the state government, as disclosed by the Commissioner for Education, Muhammad Sa’id in a statement.

"Private school owners in Kano State should make sure that they used the remaining days before the reopening and ensure they make some preparations in their schools based on the guidelines given to them by the ministry of health and meanwhile, no school should be reopened before the given date except the boarding schools that are advised to resume a day before the actual date."Muhammad Sa’id noted.

The dates for other examinations in Kano State is not yet out but according to the ministry, it will be announced in due course.

The state ministry of education also encouraged students in other classes to hold on to e-learning education programme using the Google classrooms, radio, televisions, and other platforms until the day everything will go back to it's stands.

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