Lagos Government List Guidelines for Reopening Of Schools.

Lagos reopening

Finally, the Lagos State government has approved and given guidelines for reopening of schools in Lagos State and also urged school owners to make sure that they follow and obey the guidelines given to them.

According to the Office of Education Quality Assurance, students in the senior secondary school class three should resume school on Monday and the Director-General, Mrs Abiola Seriki-Ayeni, in a statement warns that the reopening of schools is only for those in the SSS3 classes.

Lagos State, being referred as the epicentre of Covid-19 should make conscious effort to make sure they observe all safety guidelines given by the health officials on the reopening of schools in the state.

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 Mrs Abiola Seriki-Ayeni, who was advising the private schools in the state, said that they should make sure they study all the guidelines, whether they are approved or not, to ensure the safety of students in their schools because, for schools to be finally reopened depends on how mindful they are towards the pandemic.

She also noted that the ongoing online training on their website is mandatory for all school owners, administrators and management staffs and they have to indicate that they have completed the training by
completing an online self-assessment form.

Social distance should be observed at the examination centres, and most importantly, health and safety officers should be present in at the scene.

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