See what the Director General of NBC said Concerning the Covid19 Protocols and the Politicians.

Prof Armstrong Idachaba,
Prof Armstrong Idachaba, the acting director general of the national broadcasting commission, in a stakeholder's meeting on political broadcast in Akure, said that most of the politicians in the state are not observing the covid19 protocols, which have been provided to guide the forthcoming Gubernatorial Election in Ondo State.

Armstrong expressed his concerns over the abusing of the covid19 protocols by the politicians, by letting them know the needs for them to keep all the covid19 protocols given by the state ministry of health ahead of the election.

He also urged all the journalists in the state to help, by using there broadcasting platforms to enlighten the politicians more on the covid19 protocols, to prevent further abuse of it and to also help in the protection of human lives.

He further said that , "it is how effective the politicians become in the observation of all the protocols given by the state ministry of health, will determine if the election will be a successful one".

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The commissioner in his statements to the broadcasting stations and the journalists, noted that their media organizations play a great role in the terms of achieving a peaceful election in every state, so , they should avoid any forms of hate speeches of any kind while playing their own role during the election processes.

Armstrong, while still talking to the journalists and the broadcasting stations, warns that they should be mindful of the speeches they make about someone who is contesting for any office in the state because, the commission is ready to revoke the license of any broadcasting station that is criticizing any Governorship aspirant of any party, including other offices.

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