Sixteen Governorship Aspirants to challenge Akeredolu in Ondo State Election.

Akeredolu Rotimi
Sixteen political parties in Ondo State have completely submitted the names of their Governorship candidates and deputies for the upcoming election in the state.

The Ondo State independent national Electoral Commission has approved that the election will be held on October 16 and has also uploaded the submitted names if the Governorship candidates and their deputies on their websites .

The representative of the commission, Festus Okoye said that the parties gave the commission lawful reasons for conducting their primaries and they have successfully completed and norminated their candidates for the Election.

The commission has also urged the public to join them in making researches about the candidates past lives to ensure that they are suitable for the office of the governor of the state.

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The identity of the PDP  deputy Governorship aspirant has been made publicly available and he seems not qualified for the post of the deputy governor and that's why his name did not appear among the qualified parties candidates instead,  Instead of the name of Gboluja Senior Legislative Aide SLA, Olumide Ogunje appeared on the provisional list as Jegede running mate.

Because of this, Jegede, the PDP Governorship candidate has become so angry with the party leaders and stakeholders, because they pitched him to choose Ogunje as his running mate instead of his preferred friend,
Ikengboju Gboluga who is presently a member of the House of Representatives, but the party leaders preferred Ogunje because he is his co-contestants in the governorship primaries

The leader of the people's democratic party a statement said the it is the decision of the governor the select his deputy but Jegede is playing tricks he decided to put the Senior Legislative Aide of the person we have kicked against his choice.

Jegede in his own statement said that he wouldn't want to choose any deputy that he will start having issues with at the first day of resuming office.

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