Terrorists Roots of illegal smulggling of Arms into the Country Exposed.

Service chiefs
For some period of time now, there have been some sections of though interrogations from the federal government to the service chiefs on how the terrorists in Nigeria are still being able to get arms depite the border closures in the country.

Now, the roots of the illegal actions of smuggling of arms has been reviewed by the Former Provost Marshal, Brigadier-General Ikponmwen, retd, who reviewed that there are so many unknown and unnamed borders in the country especially in the northern part of the country and that must be reasons for the possibilities of the smugglings.

Ikponmwen noted that this act of illegal smulggling of arms and ammunition in to a country has become an alarming issue in several countries of the world today, especially in Nigeria where there are up to 2000 unnamed entry points to
Nigeria from our borders with Niger, Chad, and some other neighboring countries.

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According to Ikponmwen, the Nigeria inabilities to find solutions to the border porocity that have been causing restless of mind for the country is giving the terrorists more reasons to smuggle arms in the country, but if only Nigeria can stand, investigate and secure there border with a high security standards, the issue will become a lessen matter of the country.

" There should be a substitutions in the existing border security organs if at all there will be an establishment of the border security organ in the country." the Former Provost Marshal, Brigadier-General Ikponmwen, retd said.

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