The Imo North Senatorial By-Election , Oct.31

The Imo North Senatorial By-Election , Oct.31
Since the death of Sen, Ben Uwajumuogu, the Imo North Senatorial seat has been vacant, and the ongoing pandemic has made the aspirants to calm down on the issue concerning the re-election of the Imo North Sanate.

But now, a date has been set and the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC, has been preparing to make sure that the election in lmo state is a successful one, and to also make sure that they observe all covid19 protocols and guidelines that was given by the ministry of health.

The Oct, 31 Senatorial by-election in Imo North must be a successful one, as the national independent electoral commission INEC, has geared up to make it be, and the INEC Electoral Commissioner in the state, Prof. Francis Ezeonu has also given his words for success.

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According to the commission, " the time all the political parties have to conduct there primaries must be in between Aug. 24 and Sept. 8, and immediately after the election, the political parties are expected to submit all the required details and informatios to the INEC office".

Some of the informations that are required by the INEC are:
List of the planning committee,
List of the delegates,
List of the nominated candidates, contestants and some other needed files.

As the INEC was saying this, he reminded that according to the Section 45(1) of the Electoral Act, 2010 (as amended), all submittions must made before 17th Oct. and after that day, there will be no room for that again.

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