UN Reviewed There Annual Investment on Nigeria's Humanitarian Crisis.

United Nations
After The UN Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, Edward Kallon, led the world body’s delegation for a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari, he started that they invests an average of $1.5 billion annually to support the humanitarian and development efforts of the federal government.

The UN also stated that the level of security instability in the country is one of the most affecting situation Nigeria is passing through and the Nigerian government should do everything possible to see that they fight against this terrible situations.

The world body in it's suggested said that Nigeria should set up a very strong security agencies that will help in reducing the crisis in some tough areas in the country and also use this period of coronavirus to see that they developed and equipped their health centers and hospitals including health institutions to help in giving students a quality education.

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The UN Resident Coordinator, in his views said that the Humanitarian problems in Nigeria can not be settled with Humanitarian solutions, then he suggested that the government should make use of military forces in fighting the crisis in Nigeria especially the Northern part of the country, he also stated that the UN will give Nigeria their support despite that they are not a financial institution.

The UN noted that, some people who have been forced to leave their homes (refugees ) due to war also need to be supported in any possible way, to make sure that they feel at home.

The coordinator mentioned the 1.2 million IDPs and over 293,000 refugees in Niger, Chad and Cameroon that were affected by the crisis situations, he said that these people need to be provided with shelter, basis Services, protection and some other relevant needs .

The World body also recommends Nigerian government for their previous effort in salfguarding their citizens from Crisis, but the truth is that, the only way Nigeria can fight against this issues is by promoting peace and National unity in the country.

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