1,000 Voted twice in the Georgia State's Summer Primaries, An Official Reported.

Brad Raffensperger
After the state's summer election in  Georgia, a top Official in the election reported that out of the certain number of people that participated in the election, 1,000 carried out electoral malpractice by voting twice during the primary election.

Brad Raffensperger, a republican from the Georgia secretary of state, made the announcement and was interrogated by some set of people who do not belong to any party , this non partisans were so desperate to know the root of the double voting that occurred in the Primaries, but Brad Raffensperger promised to carry out its own investigations concerning the issue.

But the way he was sounding, was about to prove that the malpractice (double voting)  did not affect the election results and it maybe a mistake by the officials handling the arrangements and counting of the election results due to the August runoff elections.

Brad Raffensperger , in reaction to the spreading false theories about voters fraud, allegedly by Trump and some other republican, noted and mentioned some penalties of electoral malpractice in Georgia,and stated that they will be more careful during the November election to avoid any forms of fraud in election.
Raffensperger noted that some of the causes of these double voting was as a result of mail voting and voting in person, Raffensperger stated in a conference that up to 150,000 people applied for absentee ballot and on the day of the election, most them later returned back to cancel their application of absentee ballot, and on the way most of them double voted and number of the doubled votes were recorded 1,000.

He also noted that the system applied in conducting the Primaries was cool and with the claims that the problems that occurred were not because of the system, but Georgia's Voter Empowerment Task Force and Scott Hogan, head of the Georgia Democratic Party allegedly pointed at Raffensperger to be responsible of the dis enlightenments about the use of mail in conducting election and also classified his statements as a way of distracting people's attention from the issues at hand.

But in the real sense of it, he was only trying to explain the causes of the errors in the June primaries as an official.

According to reports, 2.2 million votes were cast during the Primaries and 1,000 out of it were double votes due to some set of misunderstanding among the people that applied for the absentee ballot , although he reported that 97% of them were delivered successfully and accuratly.

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