Donald Trump could not Deside how the 2020 Election Will be.

American president
The 2020 election in America is going to be a very tough one, as there have been so many international  and national interference that are more concerned in the  election, and the interference include Russia.

Based on the Forthcoming election in America, Russia has been protesting against the application of voting by mail during the election as a result of the pandemic, with the view that it may weaken the public trust on the election protocols in the country.

Kamala Harris, an American vice presidential nominee also comfirmed that so many outsiders are so concerned in making sure that the integrity of elections in America is maintained and the use of mail to vote in the election can never help in maintaining such integrity.

But the president and his deputy have insisted on the idea of voting but mail in the country as a way of preventing more spread of coronavirus among the citizens, "as we all know that one of the best way of preventing this virus is by maintaining a good social distance, which using mail to vote is very good way of achieving that." He started in one of his tweets.

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He also noted that in promoting the ideas of rigged election, there will be much possibilities of  election rigging and not only that, the arrangements, counting and the delivery of the vote results will also take long time of conclusion.

Also, in this season of coronavirus, the safety and protection of people's lives is something that must be considered before deciding or setting up any program that will involve much crowd, and that is the reason why Donald Trump is considering the idea of voting by mail.

But the pressure from outsiders and insiders who are so concerned in making sure they maintain the integrity of elections in the country have been protesting against the idea of voting by mail.

Just in a certain interview, Kamala Harris, an American vice presidential nominee stated that president Donald Trump is not a real leader, with her proves, she was able to clear her statements concerning the president.
Kamala Harris

She described a leader as a person who puts his people first in everything he does, a person who values the lives and welfare of his people more than any other thing, but with her statements, she was able to prove that Donald Trump does not possess all those qualities of a real leader.

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