Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Reviewed Reasons why he Signed the Nigeria Content Bill.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
The formal president of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan on a visit to Zeetin Engineering Limited, was moved to give reasons why he signed the Nigeria Content Bill in the year 2010.

He said that the main reason why he signed the bill was to motivate Nigerians on establishing and developing technologies in the country so that Nigeria will be a place where the use of technology will be radical.

Just as the Zeetin Engineering limited has started making impact by their efforts on making their own fabricating parts for heavy duties and metallic equipments, also with a plan of manufacturing a pure Nigerian made automobile engines.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, after seeing the establishment in Zeetin Engineering limited, a firm in ldu industrial layout of Abuja, was so impressed because of the things he saw, he then encouraged the citizens in the country to start putting in there resources to develop Nigeria.

He futher said that if Nigerians can adhere to his reasons, they will be able to establish and grow industrialization, Agriculture, constructions and manufacturing of deferent goods and services.

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"Although, the discovery of oil has been a very big challenge to industrialization in the country but I believe that in no distance time, with the work Zeetin Engineering limited has started, people start seeing reasons why they Nigeria should move into industrialization." The former president said.

Promotion of both limited and unlimited industries in the country will also improve the the economic stands in the country and make life easier for the less privileged citizens. Jonathan noted this while complementing Zeetin Engineering limited for their good plans for the country.

Also, this establishments  will help in creation of many job opportunities for the youths and reduces dependency of the country to foreign products and services, in order words making Nigeria independent of many goods and services.

And Nigeria will become a home where everybody will comfortably  live and earn much money that will  help him or her to establish his own firm.

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