Police in Action Ahead of the Edo and Ondo Gubernatorial Election

Muhammad Adamu
In Edo and Ondo States, there have been a political violence between some political parties  fights between there members and supporters, as a result of there desperateness to win the upcoming Gubernatorial Election which will be holding on September 19 and October 10, as recommended by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC for the two states.

These political parties have been using thugs to fight and interrupt them selves during campaigns, which has been causing so many injuries to the electorates and destruction of some valuable properties in the scene of the attack and fights.

Previously, in Edo State, Akoko local government area, there was a shooting in a campaign that was organized by the PDP party in Ekpe and Ososo village and a PDP leader in the local government area has raised an alarm by urging the police to make some investigations concerning the incident.

Before that, the inspector general of police, Muhammad Adamu, had been disturbed with the issue and has ordered the commissioner of police in both Edo and Ondo States to set up some strategies inorder to find out who this thugs and their supporters are.

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But in a report from some PDP leaders, based on the recent attack in Ekpe and Ososo village in Edo State, said that the attack was sponsored by the APC leaders as a away of retaliating on there alleged claims that the PDP suspected thugs attacked there campaign.

This report were made by some personalities in the PDP, including the former speaker of Edo State house of Assembly,Hon. Kabiru Adjota.

In Edo State, three people were resently shot to death by unknown gun men, just because they were putting on a cap with the picture of Gov. Obaseki and according to the party leaders, if such thing continues, they will not have any other option than to seek for the attention of Mr President and some higher authorities to help them organize a strong security agencies that will help settle the issues.

The inspector general of police, in his own way of handling the issues has called all party leaders to order by telling them to education there members and supporters on the protocols which guide the conduction of elections, to avoid further violence during or before the elections.

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