Reasons why Trump could not Accomplish the Health Care Plan he Promised.

President Donald Trump
In early August, president Donald Trump made a promise concerning establishment of health care plans in the states before the month end, now the month is gone but still, he has not done anything.

He set it as a project that will be done before the election commences, but the day of the election is fast approaching and yet nothing has been done.

Donald Trump reviewed the main reason why he has not accomplished his promises, saying that before he would go ahead with the health care plan that the supreme Court on DACA gave him the authority to do, he must seek for highest executive order that would require health insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions.

He noted that this order that would require health insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions will not be so easy to get but he will do everything possible to see that it is done.

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But at recent, he has ordered the reduction in price of some drug prescriptions which will enable the less privileged ones to be able to get the drugs they want and he also promised to do more in favour of all Americans.

But still on the coronavirus issues in America and the forthcoming election, president Donald Trump has promised Americans that he will provide a coronavirus vaccine before the election day, which he has been working on, to make sure he Accomplishes his promise.

Although, the president is not sure about the exact time the vaccine will be readily available, but he wishes and believed that it will be available during the day of the election or before the year ends.

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