Three Quarter of Americans Support the ldeas of Mail in Voting.

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The idea of vote by mail in the American's presidencial election that has been an issue among the top politicians in the country to decide has been Supported by upto 70% of Americans.

President Donald Trump has not viewed the idea as the best way of vote for a legitimate election.

Up to 29% of Americans still prefer voting in person despite the risk involved in it, they said that it is the only legitimate way of voting, and it helps to avoid any form of malpractice in election.

The November presidential election is something that doesn't needs any kind of misplacement and illegal acts so that the right choice of leader for Americans will be elected for the betterment of America.

Recently, there have been some rumours that president Donald Trump is making attempt to stay in the white house for more than the actual terns he should stay , his former attorney Michael Cohen, also has been speaking on that.

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He also said that president Donald Trump is planning on how to change the Constitution and if eventually he wins the November election, he must find a way to forward his idea of third term on sit.

This is his way of telling Americans not to vote president donald Trump for a second term.

Also, so many partisans has been making protests in the election and there will also be so many attempts on Electoral malpractice in the election, this is why many has supported the idea of mail in voting with the believe that it will help in reducing this pressure that may lead to malpractice.

Although so many Americans has supported the ideas of mail in voting, but president Donald Trump is still insisting on voting in person to help in promoting safe and genuine election.

A supporter of Donald Trump's campaign against the ideas has also spoken negatively concerning the application of mail in voting during the election and also noted that there is no need for it in the election.

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