Donald Trump is Not a Real Leader _ A Vice Presidential Nominee said.

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris, the American democratic vice president nominee has given proves saying that the president Donald Trump, is not a real leader but he has been pretending to be one.

Kamala Harris, in her proves said that in Racial Justice, Donald Trump has not been a real leader, according to her, the president has been denying there systematic racism by his inability to react to the comments made by the first Black and South Asian American woman on a major party presidential ticket which come less than two months before the November election in an exclusive "State of the Union" in an interview.

Kamala Harris, in her own way of reminding the white American about the two system of justice in America which were made for the Black and White Americans each said that they can not seat back and watch Donald Trump deny them that, in her statements, she has been convincing the white Americans to seat up and protest for there rights and written in the law.

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Another law enforcement official has been considering making the idea of two justice system in America something that is not worth thinking as he said that the issue is something that needs to be handled with care, so that there will not be a clash between the black and white Americans.

He went futher to remind them of the recent killings of some black Americans including  George Floyd, by the police and some other harassment of the blacks all in the name of two justice system in the country.

Kamala Harris, in her order ways of proving her statements concerning the administration of president Donald Trump, mentioned that during the covid19 pandemic, trump was so weak to handle the situation in a way most lives will be safe and that was why the high rate of death in America got to that level.

According to her, Donald Trump is not a leader who cares about the lives and safety of his people, that was why he conducted a campaign in Oklahoma, during the pandemic, and in that campaign some of his campaign officials proved positive of coronavirus after the campaign.

She noted that the lives and safety of the citizens should be the first priority of a leader of a country or state, but Donald Trump does not care about all those things.

Kamala Harris, still speaking on the issue of the two system of justice in America "racial justice" which the president has been feeling less concerned about, said that something must be done about it.

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